STEVEN PARRINO / May 26 - June 8, 2015

FOUR A.M. is pleased to display a work by Steven Parrino for its inaugural installation at 291 Grand Street. Untitled, 1983, incorporating references to Kazimir Malevich's Black Square, 1915, hangs on a grey wall as it did when it was exhibited at Gallery Nature Morte founded by artists Peter Nagy and Alan Belcher in the East Village. The work was included in Parrino’s first gallery show in 1984 at the age of 26. Possessed by an anarchic conviction about painting in an era when it was considered ‘dead’, in this work, Parrino depicts Thor taking a sledgehammer to a black square, in a traffic red, spray-painted frame.

In a section from The No Texts titled "The Road to Electrophilia" Parrino describes a New York moment: "I was sitting with my friend Cat (a pretty blond girl from Detroit by way of Chicago with a love for AC/DC and explosives) in Queens, looking across the East River at Manhattan; just sitting, smoking a joint. It must have been three or four A.M. Cat noticed the constant din of Manhattan, all cars, trucks, and electricity. That's the sound of mankind in the year 1999. I am sure that if E.T. is listening to Planet Earth, it hears the electro-din. Music to my ears, art for my soul, buzzing power chords and feedback ... a movie of the Empire State Building for eight hours. [Live free or die, muthafucker]."

Steven Parrino was born in New York City in 1958. He was a member of Electrophilia, a two-person band formed with artist Jutta Koether. Parrino died in a motorcycle accident in Greenpoint, Brooklyn in 2005.

Untitled, 1983, is on loan from a private collection in New York, courtesy ROOM EAST.

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