ever-enchanting techno-fascists
laying eggs
advertising the fall
deterministic futurity!
shit out as grey goo
with geopolitical designs
slick powerful materiality
a conductor’s hand gestures
take a stab at rhetorical prophecy
with counter-arguments to remain
always in the middle
of speculative singularities
social network cloud conduits
for elevator speeches
heaping puffy piles of flat low level clusters
pathways for transcending
rare earths
technology is a persuasive magic

-Catherine Czacki / 2016


Pick up a copy of the poem at our take-away box attached to the window. 


Catherine Czacki born in 1980, Bristol, PA received a BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute (2003), her MFA from Columbia University (2008) and is currently a PhD candidate in the Art History, Theory and Criticism program (Concentration in Art Practice)—at the University of California, San Diego. Czacki’s work has been exhibited at The Prague Bienniale (2009); DREI Raum für Gegenwartskunst in Köln, Germany (2009); Art in General in New York, New York (2011); Favorite Goods in Los Angeles, CA (2013 / 2014); Old Natures Haunt, JOAN in Los Angeles, CA (2015); In Practice: Under Foundations Sculpture Center in Long Island City, New York (2015); Canaries - Jesse Cohen, Catherine Czacki, Taraneh Fazeli, Citron Kelly, Carolyn Lazard, Bonnie Swencionis and Rebecca Watson Horn: Refuge in the MeansRecess, New York (Sept 1, 2016); Basements Linnea Vedder and Catherine Czacki, Boom Boom Boom, Brooklyn, NY (Sept 10, 2016). Catherine Czacki lives and works in San Diego, California. 

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