FOUR A.M. is pleased to display Custom Framed Dust Drawing (Broadway 3), 2014 by Lukas Geronimas on view through July 6, 2015. Throughout Geronimas’ work, equal importance is placed on framing and support, as is placed on the “art” it displays and protects. Utilizing his skills in woodworking, developed during a yearlong stay in Hawaii, he shapes a cohesive object by considering both the functional and aesthetic parts as one. This particular “drawing” recombines the dust from the construction of wooden objects into a finger drawn outline of a reclining woman smoking a cigarette. The vanity-style frame introduces formal elements of design, while also suggesting a seductiveness of the subject it encases.  

Lukas Geronimas was born in Toronto, Canada in 1980. He attended the University of British Columbia and received is MFA from the Milton Avery Graduate School of Arts at Bard College.  Recent exhibitions include Geatest Show on Rearth, David Petersen Gallery, Minneapolis, MN; Another, Once Again, Many Times MoreMartos Gallery, NY; Particular Pictures curated by Joshua Abelow & Emily Ludwig Shaffer, Suzanne Geiss Company, NY; National Park (with Jesse A. Greenberg), KANSAS, NY; UR, ROOM EAST, NYInter Ruption, curated by Kim Light, Michael Kohn Gallery, Los Angeles, CA. Lukas Geronimas lives in Los Angeles, CA.

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