Jeff DeGolier / ARTFCITY / by FOUR AM

This Week’s Must-See Art Events: Summer in the City by Michael Anthony Farley

It’s always nice when artwork can be enjoyed in different ways. For example, when I stayed at the Waterfront artist residency upstate, Jeff De Golier had just finished installing “Microramp Boombox,” an indoor skateboard ramp that doubled as a boombox. People skated on it and blared music by day and evening, and then I ended up sleeping in it at night.

No one is probably going to be sleeping in De Golier’s new piece, “Sculpture Boombox Shelf for Obama,” because FOUR A.M. is a tiny storefront project space in the middle of the Lower East Side. Nevertheless, the piece is pretty multifunctional. It plays Christian radio, and also doubles as a shelf for a nifty Obama mug from a dollar store. Is the message here that Obama was a promised Messiah? Did he live up to the faith we placed in him? I’m not sure, but stop by Grand Street and see for yourself. The piece was unveiled this morning, alongside a mysterious vibrating canvas, and will be up until the very-patriotic day July 4th.